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Style Special – “Bad mood”
Word of the Day – Prefix Special – “kriegen”
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, What is the Difference

Hello everyone,

and welcome to our German Word of the Day. This time we will have a look at the meaning of


Allerdings has two translations. Or wait, let’s say, it stands for two idea. Two ideas, that shouldn’t be too big of a problem… unless… they seem to be opposites. Imagine there were a word that means white AND black . What a whacky idea…. (get it? Whack as in white plus b.. not funny? … never mind then) .


A llerdings has the ideas of confirmation and c ontradiction, so let’s take a loot at it and see if we can get a hold of it, shall we? Great.

llerdings confirmation ontradiction,

Allerdings is a combination of aller and dings. Aller is the genitive form of alle (I’ll add a link to the WODT “alle” at the bottom)

aller Dinge of all

And there we almost had it. The sense of lif… oh… I mean, the words allerdings . All that’s missing is an s, which is an old way to mark something as adverb,and writing the whole thing as one word; but German does that in its sleep. Allerdings started with a meaning like “entirely” , “with/from all its parts” . Here’s an example of how they would use the word 8 centuries ago.

“entirely” , “with/from all its parts” all/completely with everything

That’s how it started and then began a long, loooong journey of allerdings . First, there people started using it for emphasis.

“of all things” completely/utterly

Now,when you emphasize something you are usually kind of convinced of your statement. You think it’s true. So the next meaning of allerdings is not a big surprise…

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Artists’ Association MUU

Lasse Lecklin: Torness, United Kingdom. (2015)

MUU Gallery 7.10. – 6.11.2016

MUU Gallery 7.10. – 6.11.2016

Jessica Simpson Plemy Satin Floral Print Ankle Strap Dress Sandals Xzdj4

This photo series examines power stations in the landscape from an aesthetic point of view. The main standpoint is the relationship between human and nature. The contrast between beautiful scenery and the pompous absurdity of power plant architecture rising from the landscape creates both visible tension and industrial romanticism within the photographs.

Due to the risks, the power plants are not built in direct contact with large centres of population but within a so-called compromise distance. In densely populated Europe this means that the plants are located in scenic and idyllic sites in inhabited and farmed rural areas. For security purposes, there should be no permanent habitation in the close proximity of the plants, yet often there is a natural park or a nature reserve nearby. For the people living in the vicinity, the plants have become invisible, but for visitors the plant is absurdly visible – often a surprising or fascinating sight sticking out of the environment.

The prevention of climate change forces us to search for new ways to produce energy with as little carbon dioxide emissions as possible. In Finland the third reactor at Olkiluoto nuclear power plant has been under construction for 11 years now and there are plans for constructing a new station. Germany, for instance, has decided to end the use of nuclear power by the year 2022, and Spain and Italy have discontinued construction of several plants due to political and environmental controversy. As other countries seem to abandon the atomic era, Finland, France and Slovakia are currently the only European countries to construct more nuclear power plants.

Lasse Lecklin and journalist Antti Kiuru have visited several nuclear power plants in Europe, both together and separately. The texts in the exhibition that offer background information on the power plants were written by Kiuru. Lecklin and Kiuru are preparing a book on the subject.

Lasse Lecklin is a Helsinki-based photographer. He has an MFA from Aalto University. His artistic work centres on the built landscape and the relationship between humanity and nature. The Most Beautiful Nuclear Power Plants in Europe in MUU Gallery is the first time this work is on show in Helsinki. The last time it was presented at Somerset House in London.

Lasse Lecklin

Antti Kiuru is a Helsinki-based journalist. He has studied aesthetics at the University of Helsinki and has worked in many difference capacities in many media outlets.

The production of this project is generously supported by Kone Foundation, Arts Promotion Centre Finland, Patricia Seppälä Foundation, and the Finnish Ministry of the Environment.

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La ex miss España está esperando su segundo hijo con el empresario Tito pajares.

E. Lunar.

Tiempo de lectura 2 min.

30 de abril de 2018. 10:06h

E. Lunar. 30/4/2018


Sofía Mazagatos (43) no está pasando por un buen momento. Según ha revelado el programa ‘Socialité’, la ex miss España habría sido ingresada de urgencia en un hospital de Madrid, aunque, por el momento, se desconocen los motivos que la habrían llevado a ser hospitalizada.

La ex miss España anunció hace apenas una semana que se encuentra embarazada de su segundo hijo y ya con el primero tuvo que guardar reposo al considerar los médico que se trataba de un embarazo de alto riesgo.

La modelo ya tiene un hija, Sofía, nacida en 2015 de su relación con el empresario Tito pajares, socio de varias conocidas discotecas de Madrid, como la emblemática Gabana 1800 y Le Boutique.

Mazagatos vive alejada de los focos y con muy pocos los actos sociales a los que asiste.

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