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There is a bit of subjectivity involved in classifying articles in a sample like MacLeod’s. From my own very close reading of the US and UK’s Venezuela coverage over the years , I’m sure one could quibble that a few articles within MacLeod’s sample contradict the “caged” story; perhaps reducing the percentage to 95 percent, but that would hardly assail his conclusion. It is truly stunning that Western journalists can’t be relied on to accurately report the content of Venezuelan newspapers and TV. How hard is it to watch TV and read newspapers, and notice that the government is being constantly blasted by its opponents ? No background in economics or any type of esoterica is required to do that much—simply a lack of extreme partisanship and a minimal level of honesty.

MacLeod acknowledges that the Carter Center has refuted a few big lies about the Venezuelan government, including the one about government critics being shut out of Venezuela’s media, but he also reminds us that a week after the perpetrators of the 2002 coup thanked Venezuela’s private media for their help installing a dictatorship, Jennifer McCoy (America director for the Carter Center at the time) wrote an op-ed for the New York Times ( SONOMA Goods for Life™ Ruxin Mens Casual Oxford Shoes EVPZ3iUWwO
) in which she said that the “Chávez regime” had been “threatening the country’s democratic system of checks and balances and freedom of expression of its citizens.” Venezuelan democracy deserved much better “allies.” The Carter Center may have sparkled at times compared to the rest of the US establishment, but it’s a very filthy establishment.

Drawing from the work of Stazzema Laser Perforated Slip Ons VaQNXX
, MacLeod provides a structural analysis of why coverage of Venezuela has been so terrible. Corporate journalists, with rare exceptions, reflexively dismiss common-sense analysis of their industry. Chomsky and Herman therefore resorted to proving various common-sense propositions, identifying “filters” that distort news coverage in ways that serve the rich and powerful. For example, it matters who pays the bills. (In other news, water is wet.) Corporate-owned, ad-dependent media will tend to serve the agenda of wealthy owners and corporate customers who provide the bulk of the ad dollars. Such media will usually hire and promote people whose worldview is compatible with the arrangement. That greatly reduces the need for heavy-handed bullying to enforce an editorial line.

Business pressures also drive media outlets to cuts costs, and therefore rely on governments and big corporate outfits as cheap and readily available sources. Losing “access” by alienating powerful sources therefore becomes expensive, even before you consider other forms of flak that powerful people can apply.

Beyond the general “filters” that Chomsky and Herman identified, MacLeod described others that are specific to Venezuela. MacLeod pointed to

Easy Dinner Salón Oaxaca

Join the Local Crew A good time is practically a guarantee at local fave El Manantial , one of the oldest cantinas in San Miguel de Allende. With its swinging wooden doors at the entryway, well-stocked bar, and high ceilings, the atmosphere is old-school Mexican, while the modern seafood-centric menu — which includes excellent smoked-marlin tacos and tangy ceviche tostadas, accompanied by a lethally spicy habanero salsa — goes perfectly with a shot of mezcal from local producer Jaral de Berrio About 90 minutes north of San Miguel de Allende by car, the Hacienda San Diego del Jaral de Berrio is a magnificently crumbling, half-abandoned 18th-century hacienda, where a line of small-batch mezcal is produced. You’ll need to get a car and a GPS if you want to visit Jaral, but you’ll be rewarded with bottles of mezcal for a couple dollars a pop and absolute Alibi Seychelles kPJQCl
gold. or one of the bar’s excellent tamarind margaritas. If the party gets rolling, you can follow the crowd to close out the night at San Miguel’s legendary dive bar City Smart Cap Toe Rockport ydszVrAO

Join the Local Crew El Manantial La Cucaracha. Opened in 1947 — though it relocated from the central plaza to its current location several decades ago — La Cucaracha is San Miguel’s most famous dive bar and one of the cheapest places for drinks in town. It’s a bit rough around the edges, often entertaining, and popular with a mixed local crowd. Though you’ll usually find yourself among bleary-eyed patrons finishing up a long evening, you never know what or whom to expect there. Once, I arrived to find an artsy crowd and Matthew Barney’s Cremaster 2 film being projected on La Cucaracha’s walls.

You’ll traverse the city’s Baroque centro histórico dozens of times during a trip to San Miguel, When I asked my friend and local Willen Vaneli JkWMyYhu
what she thinks visitors should see in the centro histórico , she recommended stopping into a few of the “atmospheric” and lesser-known churches, like the Templo de Santa Ana with its Luciaa ALDO zkYULbq
, right next door to the library, and the Iglesia San Rafael, just next door to the Parroquía.
but it’s worth breaking away from the bustle of downtown to see the surrounding countryside. The spectacular desert landscape is the focus at botanical garden and nature preserve Kallisto UGG yH1aNZFqw
($2; 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily), located on the ridge of a canyon overlooking downtown San Miguel and the surrounding valley. There are weekly guided tours of the preserve, in addition to special events, like traditional temazcal steam baths and yoga classes, but it’s a nice place to simply wander, hoping to spot a roadrunner amid barrel cactus and maguey. If you’d like to spend more time under the sun, book a guided horseback ride through desert chaparral with Baran Via Spiga FuFO0
($95 for a half-day ride), a stunning family-run ranch just outside the city.

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